$69 - introductory private session* 
$95 - private session when purchased in pack of 10 ($950)
$100 - private session when purchased in pack of five ($500)
$110 - single private session 
$70 per person duet sessions in pack of 5 ($350)
$75 per person single duet session 
  • private sesssions are one on one, duets two on one
  • Sessions are 55 minutes
  • Sessions consist of work on apparatus and mat
  • No refunds

*Intro session avail to first-time clients only, must be local resident.

Scheduling based on instructor availability. When you make an appointment, we reserve the time and space for you. We respectfully require that any changes or cancellations be made at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time, or you will be charged for that session.  You have the option of working out in bare feet or non-slip socks. 
We appreciate the opportunity to work with you!