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Nancy is amazing!  I have been to many studios and worked with many trainers but nobody knows Pilates and the body like Nancy. I noticed a huge difference in my strength and flexibility after just one month. Now, four months later I am able to do exercises I never thought I could. Nancy knows just how to push me to my limit, but always in a safe and motivating way. I would never do Pilates with anybody else. I constantly hear about people having back problems and back pain and I know I will never have those issues as long as I continue practicing Pilates. It's summertime now and I have not had to stop my workouts because Nancy lets me bring my kids into the studio while we have my private session. I highly recommend Pilates with Nancy.

-- L.D., San Jose


Nancy is a fabulous instructor.  She is helping me achieve my fitness goals by customizing my sessions to focus on my specific needs.  With Nancy's help I am gaining strength, flexibility and confidence.  Nancy is kind, attentive and knowledgeable.  I highly recommend working with Nancy.

-- Heather P., Los Gatos



Nancy Chin is an experienced and disciplined Pilates trainer but she goes well beyond expectations of that role. She has been a coach and supporter for me when I was having difficulty achieving fitness goals because of surgeries. She knows how to tailor your program to best effect wherever you have difficulty, and encourages you to move gradually but steadily to ambitious goals. She has been a terrific instructor for me, a model of how to improve my fitness, and  motivator in tough times. Whatever your needs, Nancy can help you do better, and you will enjoy doing it with her calm and warm supervision.

-- Diane Z, Aptos



I had never tried Pilates before I met Nancy and took her mat class. It was a very good workout/stretching session. I decided to learn about the private studio workouts and have to say Nancy is a kind, professional, smart teacher for a new client like me. I prefer the subtle yet intense workouts on the Reformer, Cadillac and Ladder Barrel equipment.

Nancy pays VERY close attention to your body position. She has helped me focus on my weak areas (upper back, hip and knee) as well as achieve the best posture to maximize each exercise. She is extremely knowledgeable in technique, body position, designing a variety of workouts each week and is focused on what's best for me, the client.

I am not a dancer and had been intimidated to do Pilates. It seemed like a workout for the super-flexible athlete. I learned anyone can benefit from the sessions. I always feel amazing after my time with Nancy. 

I would highly recommend Pilates Avenue. I love the flexible scheduling, location, and utmost professional training to make the most out of my time for a workout session. The studio is very clean and enjoyable with mirrors to help see if you are in the correct position for the exercise equipment. I plan to work out at Pilates Avenue for a long time to come!

-- Annie D., Los Gatos